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What Camunda Platform Architecture are you?

June 24, 2021 The Camunda Community Podcast, hosted by Josh Wulf. Season 3 Episode 3
Camunda Community Podcast
What Camunda Platform Architecture are you?
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In this episode, Camunda Developer Advocate Niall Deehan walks us through selecting from the various options for a Camunda Platform architecture.

Springboot? Camunda Run? Embedded? Distributed? Java? Not Java?

The options are non-trivial, but Niall walks us through the answer to the question: "Sure, it depends - but what does it depend on?" in a way that reveals the various factors and their influences on architecture.

The BPMN diagram for this episode is available on GitHub.


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Introducing Niall Deehan
Deciding on your Camunda Architecture
Option 1: Embedded Engine
Option 2: Engine as a Service
Polyglot job workers
Optimize and Cockpit
Option 2 Architecture described
Five Quick Questions for Niall